Some Questions You Might Have??

  • What is Spiritual Direction?

A phrase has come to me over and over again is: “Let the silence move you.” To sit in the presence of our Savior. Not doing, but being. The spiritual director is there to pay attention! We are there to notice how God our Savior is working in our midst. To help another to ask: “What is God inviting me to experience?” Answer: to look inside for God’s wisdom not for the director’s thoughts and plans.

  • Is Spiritual Direction Therapy?


No! Spiritual Direction is not about “fixing” a personality flaw or to help another as a life coach. Of course when your time with a spiritual director issues may arise that require some problem solving because we live in a problem-filled world but the spiritual companion helps another discern-make choices based on their faith. Point? Sometimes you just need someone to talk with that is also on a spiritual path. To listen to reflect back and walk with you on this path.

  • Are Spiritual Directors Licensed?
  • No-there is no standard certification for spiritual directors either here in the U.S. or anywhere in the world. Many training programs offer certificates of completion. I personally completed a year of study at the Centerquest School of Spiritual Direction. So when choosing a director, look for someone you feel comfortable sharing, who listens well, a person who has an active commitment to prayer and meditation, and someone who helps you find the wisdom God has given you.
  • What does a typical Session Look Like?


Individual spiritual direction ordinarily involves a one to one conversation in person or even by way of telephone or Skype–about once a month for an hour. The session usually begins in silent prayer as both director and directee collect themselves in the presence of God. Then, the person in direction will share whatever is real and important that is going on in his or her life. Together the directee and director explore where God is present and what God’s invitation to the directee may be.

  • Cost?


Your first session is free so you and I both can determine if this is the right fit and direction for you. After that each individual spiritual direction is $60 per session per month. Payment by check, cash, or Paypal is due within 3 days of the date of the session.

If you want and need this service but cannot afford it, call me and ask about a sliding scale option. Also some spiritual directors are supported by orders or are connected with a church and do not charge any fees. To find these directors call any church or retreat center.

  • Confidentiality


Spiritual directors are ethically bound to confidentiality. There are, however, some important exceptions to keep in mind.

  • As an ordained minister of the American Baptist Churches I am required by law to report any and all suspected child abuse, dependent adult or elder abuse. Under California AZ law, I must notify the appropriate authorities immediately if and when I suspect a minor, dependent or elder is being abused.
  • If a client is threatening serious bodily harm to another person or persons, I must notify the police and the intended victim.
  • If a client is in danger of committing suicide, I will make every effort to get that client to safety.(Please ask for a copy of our Guidelines for ethical Conduct or contact Spiritual Directors International for further information at: PO Box 3584 Belleveu, WA. 98009. 01-425-455-1565)
  • Plus as a member of Spiritual Directors International, I have guidelines for ethical conduct. I work periodically with a Supervisor who will helps me with concerns I encounter in this ministry. In supervision no names or specific identifying characteristics are shared. Some general content from a session may be shared so that I may learn more about myself and grow as a spiritual director. The content in the case studies I present to the Supervisor are kept in confidence.
  • What if I am not religious but still interested in spiritual direction? 


  • More and more individuals are seeking spiritual answers to life’s questions. I work from a Christian foundation but welcome any who are spiritual seekers. I look forward to hearing your sacred story and not here to push my particular tradition.
  • What if I want to be in spiritual direction, but I’m not sure you’re the person for me? 

Not every spiritual director is for every person. You may be looking for an individual from a specific religious tradition. There are many different spiritual directions make sure you pick the one you feel can walk with you on this life journey. Ask questions! In fact, check out the Spiritual Directors International website’s at